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Top 7 Predator Motorcycle Helmets

by Max D.

Whether you’re cruising the interstate or making your way through town, you should feel like you own the road while you’re on your bike. There’s no better way to make that statement than with the right motorcycle helmet.

That’s why you shouldn’t settle for a helmet that only protects your skull. Instead, you should pick up something cool… something that’s intimidating… something that will scream to everyone around you: “Get the hell out of my way!”

What could accomplish all three goals better than a predator helmet?

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a predator motorcycle helmet that turns heads and causes people to change lanes, there are a ton of great options. So, let’s get right to it as we countdown the top 7 predator helmets available to purchase RIGHT NOW.

#1 – LED Predator Helmet with Alien Message

While predator helmets are a dime a dozen, many of them are boring and borderline unrecognizable, but that’s not the case with this helmet. Not only does it include all of the physical hallmarks of the famous movie villain, it dresses them up in a package that will stand out no matter how fast you’re going. The option to add colored LED lights only adds to the look, making this one of the perfect choices for any biker looking to inspire (and intimidate) while on the road.

#2 – Stylized White Predator Helmet

While many of the predator motorcycle helmets on this list are immediately recognizable as inspired by the film, this one features a more subtle design. For example, there are no visible fangs or mandibles. In addition, there are no overt alien-like symbols or writing. Instead, the design is simple, incorporating straight lines and solid shapes. This is a great predator helmet for any biker who wants that intimidating vibe without looking like a movie villain.

#3 – Predator Motorcycle Helmet with Celtic Designs

This predator motorcycle helmet fuses two seemingly different ideas into a single concept that’s far greater than the sum of its parts. While it retains the look and feel of a predator helmet (complete with dreads), its designs are lifted straight out of Celtic culture. There’s even the face of a Celtic figure on the very front. All that to say, this is the perfect helmet for anyone who wants to intimidate drivers with a terrestrial and extraterrestrial culture at the same time.

#4 – Deadpool Predator Helmet

Ever wonder what Deadpool would look like if he was a predator? Me neither. But apparently, someone else did, and the result happens to be pretty cool. This predator motorcycle helmet includes the shape and dreads you would expect from a predator helmet. But the coloring and design will cause you to take a second look. It is immediately recognizable as Marvel’s ‘Merc with a Mouth.’ That makes this a great option for anyone is a fan of both properties.

#5 – Realistic Predator Helmet

This takes the whole idea of a predator helmet to an entirely different level. Unlike the other examples on this list, this one goes for a much more realistic look. From the open jaw to the skull-adorned dreads, the whole thing looks more like a movie prop than a motorcycle helmet – and it’s sure to terrify anyone who sees you riding up from behind them. Just keep in mind that it’s also one of the most expensive options on the list. So, looking like a real predator will cost you.

#6 – Proud-to-be-an-American Predator Helmet

Predators are known for being trophy hunting aliens who take no prisoners, but what if a predator decided to settle down and apply for US citizenship? If that were to happen, you can bet that this would be his helmet of choice. Now, it can be yours. While it makes use of the traditional predator helmet shape and hairstyle, it also features an American flag emblazoning the left side. It declares to everyone who sees you pass by, “I’m proud to be an American predator!”

#7 – Glossy Black Predator Helmet

If you would prefer a predator motorcycle helmet that gives off that terrifying alien vibe without making you look like you just stepped off a movie lot, this is the helmet for you. While it is obviously based off the hit movie, it doesn’t flaunt itself. Instead it’s a simple option that features an all-black, glossy look without any distracting designs. In other words, it’s less predator and more motorcycle helmet.

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