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Username: takkie.shoei
Bike: Yamaha R1 RN22 2009
Location: Norway
Why I Ride? Riding a bike is a whole other feeling, a feel of real freedom, it’s just you and ur own decisions.
And the biker community is something unique.

To quote one of my follower words:
“No matter what we ride, the one bond which draws us together as a ‘family’, is the desire to ride, explore and share that with others. Thanks for following, its much appreciated. Ride safe, 馃弽馃弽鉁屸湆馃憡

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Name: Pedro G贸is
Bike: Yamaha XS2
Location: Portugal
Why I Ride? Don鈥檛 know, just like! Actually… 2 i like it because of the flow, almost feels like surfing, the agility, the feel of the power of the bike, and it’s easy to get through traffic

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Username: petitebikers
Bike: Ducati Scrambler Full Throttle
Location: Cologne, Germany (I was born in London, and I was brought up in Mombasa, Kenya)
Why I Ride? I love riding because it鈥檚 a form of freedom, and it鈥檚 helped me face a lot of fears. As a ‘petite’ lady, I always believed that because of my size, there were things I just couldn’t do and riding motorcycles was one of them. But through biking, I started breaking these boundaries I set myself. I love how motorbiking has given me a lot of confidence in all areas of my life.

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Username: Daniel Caballero
Bike: 2012 Yamaha FZ8
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Why I Ride? I like motorcycles because I am closer to nature and I love adrenaline.

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Username: tk.on.1
Bike: 2003 Kawasaki Ninja 636
Location: Toronto, Canada
Why I Ride? I ride to relieve on real life day to day stress. However, stunt riding keeps my creativity active and hone my riding control skill

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Username: oacone
Bike: YAMAHA TW225 Custom
Location: Japan
Why I Ride? Feel the wind, FREEDOM!!!

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Name: monzetsu.billy
Bike: Harley-Davidson Shovelhead
Location: Japan
Why I Ride? I don’t know why, but I can’t think of a life without a motorcycle.

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