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The UK’s Top Gear, now long departed from our screens (much like how Game of Thrones Season 8 never happened) has always been considered the best car show ever made. At the same time though, the best episode they ever put out was not even about cars. It was about motorcycles. Well, more accurately scooters. Bouncing around Vietnam on their 125cc rides, it was one of the most entertaining pieces of two-wheel journalism ever broadcast. And that was just with spluttering, gasping mopeds with all the torque of an asthmatic ant carrying some heavy shopping. If you were to put Clarkson, May and Hammond on proper bikes, just imagine the ridiculous chaos that would bring with it. Well, imagine no more: say hello to 44Teeth.

Hosted by trusted moto-vlogger Baron Von Grumble (Chris Eades) and knowledge Moto-journalist Alastair Fagan, 44Teeth has now exploded into popularity especially with gearheads who know their barn-finds from their baggers and their four-strokes from their featherbeds. Over the last few years, 44Teeth has built up a loyal following of subscribers on YouTube with their mix of reviews, budget bike battles, onboard videos and a good dose of profanities.

The chemistry between the hosts is like lightning in a bottle, but it’s not just two blokes pissing around (although there is a lot of that). These guys know their stuff, know what they like, know what they don’t and because of this, the show is far more journalistic and informative than you might think. When they do their track tests, 44Teeth get serious about the bikes they ride whilst still keeping up the humour (even when they’re crashing “uncrashable” bikes). Even in their budget bike battles, more of the content is about technical specifics and informative discussion of the bikes, rather than strapping a scale-model Spanish galleon to the back and telling them to ride two hundred miles with it (seriously, if you haven’t seen that episode of Top Gear you need to).

44Teeth is a welcome addition to motorcycle media, which for far too long, especially considering the amount of bikers out there, hasn’t had nearly enough mainstream content with high-production value. And that’s the other thing 44Teeth has: a quality budget, quality cameras, and holy-moly, quality sound editing. The angles they hit with the videos they shoot makes 44Teeth impossible to watch sitting normally – you find yourself hanging off the couch clinging to your coffee whilst leaning with your knee out. The Onboard videos are a real highlight, especially if your bike is in the shop, or maybe you want to live that motorcycle life vicariously through them. To be honest though, even if you are in the latter category, you’ll be itching to buy a bike in no time after a few hours on this channel. The roar of the engine and the howling of the wind as it blasts through your speakers is way more addictive than I’d care to admit, but I’m not going to lie, it sounds SO good, whether you’re an avid biker or not.

44Teeth puts out great content whether you’ve got a set of well-worn leathers in the closet or you’ve never even had a ride. Every video’s a rip-roaring blast from start to finish, so put on your helmet, strap on your knee pads, and watch with care.

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