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Ray West’s 2019 Honda Grom

by Penelope
Ray West's 2019 Honda Grom

Name: Ray West
Bike: 2019 Honda Grom
Why I Ride? I’ve been riding ATCs and ATVS since I was a young child in the late 80s and got into street bikes because of that. Been riding ever since 2005 back when i got a 92 CBR F2 600. My current big bike is a 92 ZX7R Ninja that I’ve had over 10 years and currently need to rebuild the motor. Riding a motorcycle is a feeling that you cant get from any other type of riding and puts you outside of the metal cage. I find myself now wanting to explore after i got my Grom 2 years ago and out of the 7,000 miles on it, more than 400 of them have been off road.

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