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Featuring Kevin Arias and His 2018 Kymko K-Pipe

by Penelope

Name: Kevin Arias
Bike: 2018 Kymko K-Pipe
Location: USA
Why I Ride? I enjoy riding my peppy 2018 Kymko K-Pipe through beach towns here South Florida, not only because of obvious parking and gas conveniences but also its sheer fun zipping in and out of traffic all while having the wind in my face, its purely sensational and always brings a smile to my face. I started riding with a 2007 675cc Triumph Daytona 10 years ago, I loved the way the three cylinder engine sounded on that bike, a finely tuned orchestra of raspy notes, unfortunately the bike was soon stolen from my buildings garage, but I wasn’t surprised as Miami has a high rate of stolen motorcycles. Fast forwarding, I moved to Honolulu and quickly needed some wheels however did not want to over spend so I went with a 50cc scooter. Although it only topped 40 miles an hour , it was a slow melodramatic way of trotting through mountains, extinct volcanos, on the way to pristine oceans . An ideal way to tour the beauty of Oahu. Orange sunsets and majestic country landscapes were pure wanderlust on a moped. Also being able to park in downtown Honolulu in a time crunch was a big plus. Leaving Hawaii I sold the scooter to a college student. Moving back to the mainland, in Miami Beach I knew had to get that feeling of riding into the open air again, this time in a stressful city, I realized that even having even a used 125cc was the perfect way to unwind either after work or on a quick ride to a local coffee shop first thing in the morning is a perfectly paired jolt of adrenaline to your expresso. I love all motorcycles truly and am a firm believer they each have their own soul and quirks that make them human, mans best friend if you will, who will always bring a smile to your face with a turn of a wrist.

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