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Ray West's 2019 Honda Grom

Name: Ray West
Bike: 2019 Honda Grom
Why I Ride? I’ve been riding ATCs and ATVS since I was a young child in the late 80s and got into street bikes because of that. Been riding ever since 2005 back when i got a 92 CBR F2 600. My current big bike is a 92 ZX7R Ninja that I’ve had over 10 years and currently need to rebuild the motor. Riding a motorcycle is a feeling that you cant get from any other type of riding and puts you outside of the metal cage. I find myself now wanting to explore after i got my Grom 2 years ago and out of the 7,000 miles on it, more than 400 of them have been off road.

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Name: Raymond Querido
Bike: 2019 Ducati Monster 1200 S
Why I Ride? Riding is life. Well not really it’s more like a quick escape from life. It’s my therapy and keeps me sane.

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Get used to playing in the dirt. ? @wolf.stop.media

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Name: Natalia
Bike: 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300
Why I Ride? If 6 months ago someone have told me how much happiness and stress relief will motorbikes give me I would laugh at him… today I can’t imagine my life without it. And it’s not only all about the adventure, independence, freedom and speed, it’s about people you meet on the way, who share the same passion and they are extremely helpful and friendly.

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