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Conceiving the Motorcycle

Someone once said, “Each one of us in our life-time comes through a multi-billion idea, the only difference between rich and poor is their approach to the idea.” While some people allow that idea to propel them toward success, others throw their hands up at the seeming impossibility of it all.

Fortunately for every biker out there, a young man named William S. Harley took the first approach.

Harley came up with the idea to fit a 116cc engine onto a common bicycle frame, making an ultra-light racing bike. He shared his idea with a childhood friend, Arthur Davidson, who was equally excited at the prospect. By 1903, they’d created the first prototype.

They carried it outside, one of them jumped on, and away he went – until he tried to go up an incline. That’s when they discovered that the bike wouldn’t climb much of a hill without being pedaled. If it needed foot power, it wasn’t much better than a normal bike.

So, they considered it a learning experience and went back to the drawing board.

Birth of Harley Davidson

Their next project, finished in 1904, was a bike that featured a high-performance 405-cc engine and 24.8 cm flywheels. When it was finished, it weighed 13 kg. Its heavier engine moved it out of the motorized-bicycle category and into an entirely new category: the motorcycle. This time, when these young inventors took their bike on a test drive, it passed with flying colors.

Their experiment was a success.

It wasn’t long before they were mass producing the world’s first Harley-Davidson bikes ins Davidon’s backyard. Shortly after this, the bike was used in a race at State Fair Park where it won fourth place. Though that wasn’t particularly impressive, the crowds loved it anyway.

William Harley and Arthur Davidson had created a phenom.

In 1905, Harley-Davidson began offering their bikes for commercial sale. When the company placed an advertisement in the Automobile and Cycle Trade Journal, they received an overwhelming response. It was almost too much for the backyard operation to handle. They continued production from their home until the end of 1905. In 1906, Harley-Davidson built their first plant at the location of their current headquarters in downtown Milwaukee. It was only a single-story wooden building, but they produced over fifty motorbikes that year, only outsourcing the parts they had to.

Gaining Fame: Harley-Davidson

In 1907, Willian S. Harley expanded the factory, adding an extra floor and increasing production to 150 bikes per year. Then, later that year, they revealed their 45-degree V-Twin Engine Bike at the Chicago Motor show where it caught the attention of the press and public alike. This V-Twin Engine bike had a capacity of 880cc (twice as much as their original model) and 5.2 kw of power, giving it a maximum speed of 100 km/h. Their bike’s popularity was soaring. They produced 450 Harley Davidson models in 1908 and 1152 in 1909.

In 1911, the company introduced an improved V-Twin Engine bike that only had a capacity of 811cc but offered a better performing engine. By 1913, the majority of Harley-Davidson’s models were V-Twin Engine Bikes. In 1913 the old factory was demolished, and a new five-story factory was built. This led to the production of 16,286 bikes in 1914.

One of the major reasons for this growing success was their spring-suspension seats which could adjust according to the height of the rider, reducing tension and shocks. This created a more comfortable, smooth ride that people loved. In fact, Harley-Davidson continued using essentially the same seats until 1958.

In 1917, the United States entered World War I. During the war, Harley-Davidson supplied over 20,000 motorcycles to the US military. By 1920, they had become one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, with 28,200 machines being produced that year and sold by dealers in 67 countries.

During the 1920s, Harley-Davidson went through a great transformation, with the introduction of tear-drop fuel tank and front brakes, as well as a significant change in design. This era saw the introduction of Harley-Davidson models such as the A, AA, B, BA, and JD. All of this innovation led to a golden period in sales until 1929.

That’s the year that everything came crashing down.

Great Economic Depression

From 1929 to 1933, sales fell off a cliff – from 20,876 to 3,705. The Great Depression nearly destroyed Harley-Davidson. They wouldn’t go down without a fight. In 1931, they released the 1200cc SV. Then, in 1933, the classic Harley-Davidson UL came on the scene. These bikes, along with the earlier Harley-Davidson models, kept their sales alive long enough to survive the Great Depression.

By the time the US economy was coming back to life, Harley-Davidson was ready to ride.

Developments Leading to 21st Century Harley-Davidson

World War II saw Harley-Davidson’s fortunes rise. They produced nearly 100,000 bikes for the US and Canadian militaries. Another 35,000 went to the USSR. This prepared the motorcycle company to conquer the rest of the century. They’d go on to do so with a wide variety of Harley-Davidson models, including the Hummer, Turismo Veloce, and dozens of others. By the 1980s, Harley-Davidson was practically synonymous for ‘motorcycle’ for millions of people around the world.

They’ve continued that dominance into the twenty-first century with Harley-Davidson models like the AMF H-D Electra Glide. Only time will tell if they continue their reign as king of the road for their second 100 years.

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Before the Harley-Davidson Street Glide: From 1903 to 2005

For millions of people around the world, Harley-Davidson is synonymous with motorcycles, and there’s a good reason for that. Begun in 1903 by William Harvey and Arthur Davidson (with some help from Arthur’s brother Walter), Harley-Davidson has been creating some of the most recognizable bikes on the planet ever since.

Originally, Harley-Davidson’s motorcycles were little more than bicycles with engines, but World Wars I and II forced them to innovate. By the mid-1940s, they were producing bikes that had that unique Harley-Davidson look. Over the next sixty years, there were dozens of ups and downs, including countless models. By their centennial anniversary, people were wondering: “What’s next for Harley Davidson? How will they move into this new millennium?”

Two years later, in the summer of 2005, they answered that question with the Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

The First Harley-Davidson Street Glide

When the engineers and designers of Harley-Davidson began working on the Street Glide model, they knew that they wanted to create a touring bike that was streamlined but still had that unique look and feel of a Harley-Davidson.

The first Street Glide was released in 2006 and left many people feeling ambivalent at first glance. One reviewer said that, at first, it “sounded to me like a step in the wrong direction, though with some nice features.” Part of that suspicion was because the Street Glide was billed as a touring bike even though it lacked some of the features traditionally associated with them.

It was equipped with traditional batwing fairing, air-adjustable rear suspension, and hard saddlebags. It had a lower-profile suspension than most touring models, and it was equipped with a short wind deflector rather than a full windshield.

What Set the Harley-Davidson Street Glide Apart?

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide also included several upgrades when compared with the usual touring models. Its audio system was one of the latest and most advanced – and it included the ability to integrate with phones and other electronic accessories. Reviewers and bike enthusiasts weren’t convinced by bells and whistles. It was the ride that ultimately won the biking world over to the Harley-Davidson Street Glide.

Reviewers at the time noted how comfortable the Street Glide was – even after hours in the saddle. Part of the reason for this was the smoothness of the ride. Whether you were just pulling out of the driveway or going 80mph down the interstate, the Street Glide maintained a consistency that blew people away.

The Evolution of the Harley-Davidson Street Glide

The first Street Glide was only the beginning. In no time, Harley-Davidson was making major changes to the bike, improving the things people loved about the original and refining those things that weren’t so great.

2007 saw the introduction of a six-speed Cruise Drive transmission that added 17% more torque. Hydraulic cam-chain tensioners replaced the spring-type ones that had been on the original bike. A new EFI injector nozzles and oxygen sensors allowed the engine to become far more responsive. In addition, the 2007 model had new tuned mufflers that further enhanced performance.

Then, in 2008, the cruising range was increased with the addition of a 6-gallon fuel tank. A new set of Brembo brakes (that optionally included an anti-lock braking system) drastically decreased the stopping distance.

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide Today

Today, the Street Glide is essentially the same bike that it was in 2008. The specs have continued to improve along with technology, but it hasn’t drastically changed in the past twelve years. Some of the most noticeable improvements have been with its electronics. Now, it has a fully-integrated entertainment system, complete with a 6.5” touch screen, a USB port, and more.

This is a motorcycle that’s built for comfort, stability, and some of the smoothest driving you’ll ever find. While most people consider it a touring bike because of its ability to go long distances without wearing out (or wearing you out), it does lack some of the features people want in a touring bike.

Overall, the Harley-Davidson Street Glide is a near-perfect all-around bike that takes the very best of Harley-Davidson’s rich heritage and updates it for modern riders.

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When people think of ‘racing’ today, Ducati is one of the first names that comes to mind. Few vehicles say ‘Ducati’ like the Ducati Hypermotard. It’s been the first love of many racing enthusiasts since it was first appeared at Milan’s EICMA trade show in the fall of 2005. It received the ‘Best of Show’ award that year and has gone on to receive a variety of other awards and titles ever since. Simply put, this is one of the world’ most popular bikes.

Birth of the Ducati Hypermotard Racing Beast

The history of the Ducati Hypermotard starts with a rumor. In the mid-2000s, SuperMoto class bikes were growing in popularity. KTM owned most of the market at the time, but there were rumblings that Ducati was planning to step onto the scene with a bike of its own. As the rumors grew, the racing world was put on edge. What would Ducati’s entry look like? How would it compete?

As interest escalated, Ducati realized that they needed a homerun. They believed that if they could hit one, they’d have a major success on their hands.

In early 2005, Ducati motors sent out a link to an online survey, offering their customers the ability to vote for the features they most wanted in a SuperMoto class bike. They asked about engine size, brakes, and a variety of other desired features. Then, in March of 2006, Ducati’s CEO, Federico Minoli, shared the survey’s results and announced that the bike would go into mass production.

Taking this approach had a huge impact on the way the public perceived the Ducati Hypermotard. They’d voted on the features they wanted. Now, they had them. People loved the idea that they had a hand in the creation of this powerful, new bike model. The Ducati Hypermotard finally launched in 2007, with Ducati offering two variants: the base 1100 model and the more advanced 1100 S model.

Evolution of the Ducati Hypermotard Racing Beast

The Ducati Hypermotard was an instant success, but it still had plenty of room to grow. In 2008, Greg Tracy won the 1200 Pro Class Pikes Peak Hill Climb on a Hypermotard 1100 S, catapulting the bike to superstardom. It was the first Ducati-made motorcycle to wind the race since it started ninety years earlier. It broke the monopoly that KTM had on the SuperMoto bike market.

The original 1100 model and the 1100 S model differed in several important ways. For one thing, the 1100 S was lighter by 2kg since it took advantage of lighter aluminum wheels, and carbon fiber for protectors. The 1100 S also offered an upgraded suspension system.

In 2009 the 1100 S model was upgraded with 48 mm Kayaba forks that featured a diamond-like carbon coating. Meanwhile, the base 1100 model remained the same. That same year saw the release of a new Ducati Hypermotard model: the 796. It offered 2mm lower seats, lower torque output, and an 800 cc engine with 60 Kw output for less-experienced riders. Ducati was quietly creating offerings that would appeal to the widest swath of bikers possible.

Perfecting the Ducati Hypermotard Racing Beast

The real revolution came in 2010 when both original models were changed enough to be given a new name. The 1100 model was renamed 1100 Evo and the 1100 S was renamed 1100 Evo SP. For these improved models, Ducati redesigned the engine, replacing the Marelli dual spark engine with a Siemen fuel-injection one. The drive gearing was also changed from 15/42 to 15/41, allowing drivers to hold gears for longer and improving the overall racing experience.

The 2010 Ducati Hypermotard 1100 evo and 1100 evo SP were both lighter than the previous models since their frames were redesigned to use carbon fiber. The other factor which contributed to the lighter weight and higher performance was a new vacuum cast engine casing.

Ducati Hypermotard’s competitors didn’t have anything comparable to this monster-machine, making Ducati Hypermotard the ruler of the racing world.

Today’s Ducati Hypermotard

Since then, Ducati Hypermotard has launched a number of custom, high-performance models to improve the racing experience. For example, many bikers loved the Leggera, a modified Hypermotard that had 30 kw more power than the 1100 S and was 30 kg lighter, offering an optimized driving experience.

Ducati has continued to refine the Hypermotard, making minor and major adjustments internally and externally. With their latest bike, the Ducati Hypermotard 950, they’ve created their most powerful bike yet. It features a 937cc engine that offers 114PS at 9,000 rpm. It’s the ultimate Hypermotard on the market today, making it the perfect fit for serious racers who want to experience everything Ducati has learned about making bikes since they first revealed the original Hypermotard in 2005.

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What good is a pizza without cheese? Or a tree without leaves? Or a conversation about racing without the KTM 390 Duke? This is a bike that can scratch your every itch. It’s stylish, powerful, and a blast to drive, but it didn’t become the sensation it is overnight. The KTM 390 Duke has a long, interesting history that goes back nearly 70 years.

The KTM 390 Duke’s history begins in 1934 when an Australian Engineer Johann Trunkenpolz started a car repair shop in the town of Mattighofen, Austria. After a few years of repairing motors, he expanded his shop and began selling DKW motorcycles and Opel cars. When World War II hit, he found himself on some unstable ground. Business leveled off – and then began to drop. Soon, he was surviving on nothing more than repairs again.

Birth of the Elite KTM Motorbikes

After World War II ended, the demand for motor repairs fell off a cliff and Johann had to shut down his workshop. He didn’t stop thinking about how he might make a comeback. He dreamed of creating his own motorbikes, and after several years of designing, redesigning, and tinkering, he finally created the prototype of the very first KTM bike: the R100.

Production started in 1953 with just 20 employees and three bikes were built per day. At the start, most of the parts were built in his home (with the exception of the engine). The R100 grew in popularity, largely because it was a powerful monster of a bike. That popularity was further boosted when the company won its first racing title in 1954 at the Australian National 125cc Championship. This put KTM on the map – and led to the creation of the KTM 390 Duke.

Hard Work Pays Off… and the KTM 390 Duke is Born

The initial success of KTM’s R100 model paved the way for its future expansion. Johann took advantage of his newfound success by launching new models, such as the Grand Tourist and the R125. Soon, he was eating up more and more of the motorbike market. When Egan Dornaeur won a gold medal at the International Six Days Trial riding a KTM bike, they gained even more prestige.

Over the next several decades, KTM would release dozens of different models. Nothing would turn heads quite like 2012’s, KTM 390 series. Developed by engineers from KTM Bajaj (an Indian automotive company), the KTM 390 Duke took advantage of the experience of both companies. It was a small, fast, inexpensive motorcycle that was perfect for young and old riders alike.

The KTM 390 Duke’s Features

There are several features that set the KTM 390 Duke apart from the competition. For one thing, KTM’s engineers take advantage of the latest advances in material design and construction to create one of the lightest bikes on the market. Since it’s lightweight, it offers unmatched acceleration and fuel economy – especially for the engine size. To put it in perspective, it weighs less than 150kg when the fuel tank is filled to the brim.

The KTM 390 Duke doesn’t just shine when it comes to acceleration and mpg. It’s an incredibly agile machine that’s easy to ride. Whether someone is looking for a fun ride they can take around town or a reliable commuter bike, the KTM 390 Duke is a great option.

Its low price (less than $6,000 USD) makes it one of the most affordable choices out there.

The Evolution of the KTM 390 Duke

In 2017, KTM released a new 390 Duke with a number of valuable modifications. For one thing, they increased the front brake disc from 300mm to 320 mm. They also changed the throttle to a wire system and increased the size of the gas tank by half of a gallon. However they didn’t stop with internal changes. They also added a color display to the bike’s electrical system and introduced the ability to pair a phone to it. In other words, they added the kind of modern conveniences and updates needed to keep the KTM 390 at the top of its class.

So, what does the future hold for the KTM 390 Duke? Only time will tell. You can be sure that it will continue to be a major contender in the lightweight, affordable bike market – both in the US and abroad.

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If you spend much time on your bike, then you already know the importance of having tough riding pants. Not only do you need something that will protect your legs in the case of an accident, but the normal wear and heat you’ll experience while riding can make your bike far less enjoyable than it would otherwise be.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of motorcycle pants options out there. You can find them in just about every material and color that you can imagine. So, no matter your style, there’s an option out there that’s perfect for you.

So, let’s take a look at the top five motorcycle pants on the market today…

#1 – REAX 215 Jeans

If you prefer the comfort and relaxed style of jeans, the REAX 215 riding pants will be exactly what you’ve been looking for. At first glance, these riding pants appear to be nothing more than a stylish pair of denim jeans. But underneath the unassuming appearance lies a heavy-duty Kevlar reinforcement in the seat, thighs, and knees. These jeans are triple stitched in every critical seam, ensuring they stay together and offer you the protection you need at all times. With these riding pants, you’ll also have the ability to add hip and knee armor in specially stitched pockets. If you want a quality pair of jeans that will look great (and keep you safe) on and off the bike, you can’t go wrong with the REAX 215 motorcycle pants.

#2 – Dainese New Drake Air Textile Pants

Dainese is an Italian company known for crafting high-quality biker gear. These textile riding pants are no exception. They offer maximum breathability and even include flip-up mesh vents near the knees to allow air to cool your legs while riding during the hottest parts of the year. This makes these motorcycle pants a great option for spring, summer, and fall riding. They also come with removable composite protectors so you can always enjoy maximum protection. These are some of the highest rated riding pants you’ll ever find, so they’re definitely worth a consideration.

#3 – Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion Pants

During the summer months, you won’t want to be riding around in a hot pair of denim jeans or heavy leather. Instead, you need riding pants that offer heavy-duty protection along with light-weight breathability. Such a combination might seem like a pipe dream, but it isn’t. With Joe Rocket Phoenix Ion riding pants, you’ll be able to enjoy the breeze as you ride with the FreeAir mesh shell. You’ll also get seat, hip, and knee reinforcement. The lower legs even come with melt resistant material so that they won’t be impacted by the heat of your bike – even if you ride for hours. Simply put, there are no better riding pant options for the hottest months of the year. And top it off, they look great too. It’s the whole package.

#4 – Scorpion EXO Covert Jeans

When you first look at these jeans, you may assume that they’re simply a pair of relaxed fit denim jeans, though they’re much more. They include Kevlar lining, knee and hip armor pockets, and a mesh lining that enables you to feel the breeze while you ride. They’re a great combination of style, comfort, and protection. This makes them a great choice for anyone who’s looking for denim riding pants.

#5 – Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 Pants

If you’re going to be riding in inclement weather, you’ll need something more than a simple pair of pants – even a pair of riding pants. Normal jean or textile pants won’t keep water out during heavy rain. That doesn’t mean that you have to leave your bike parked until the sun comes out. You can wear these 100% waterproof Joe Rocket Ballistic 7.0 motorcycle pants as overpants or simply put them over a base layer. Either way, they’ll provide maximum protection and comfort no matter what comes your way.

#6 – Drayko Drift Riding Jeans

These Drayko Drift Riding jeans offer a near perfect combination of style, comfort, and protection. They’re relaxed fit, low-rise jeans that have a distressed appearance, giving them a modern look. They’re made with some of the strongest textile material known to man, including military-grade Kevlar. All of that protection doesn’t take away from the level of comfort these jeans offer. So, whether you’re going on a road trip or simply headed to the bar for a night out, these riding jeans will be the perfect fit.

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The UK’s Top Gear, now long departed from our screens (much like how Game of Thrones Season 8 never happened) has always been considered the best car show ever made. At the same time though, the best episode they ever put out was not even about cars. It was about motorcycles. Well, more accurately scooters. Bouncing around Vietnam on their 125cc rides, it was one of the most entertaining pieces of two-wheel journalism ever broadcast. And that was just with spluttering, gasping mopeds with all the torque of an asthmatic ant carrying some heavy shopping. If you were to put Clarkson, May and Hammond on proper bikes, just imagine the ridiculous chaos that would bring with it. Well, imagine no more: say hello to 44Teeth.

Hosted by trusted moto-vlogger Baron Von Grumble (Chris Eades) and knowledge Moto-journalist Alastair Fagan, 44Teeth has now exploded into popularity especially with gearheads who know their barn-finds from their baggers and their four-strokes from their featherbeds. Over the last few years, 44Teeth has built up a loyal following of subscribers on YouTube with their mix of reviews, budget bike battles, onboard videos and a good dose of profanities.

The chemistry between the hosts is like lightning in a bottle, but it’s not just two blokes pissing around (although there is a lot of that). These guys know their stuff, know what they like, know what they don’t and because of this, the show is far more journalistic and informative than you might think. When they do their track tests, 44Teeth get serious about the bikes they ride whilst still keeping up the humour (even when they’re crashing “uncrashable” bikes). Even in their budget bike battles, more of the content is about technical specifics and informative discussion of the bikes, rather than strapping a scale-model Spanish galleon to the back and telling them to ride two hundred miles with it (seriously, if you haven’t seen that episode of Top Gear you need to).

44Teeth is a welcome addition to motorcycle media, which for far too long, especially considering the amount of bikers out there, hasn’t had nearly enough mainstream content with high-production value. And that’s the other thing 44Teeth has: a quality budget, quality cameras, and holy-moly, quality sound editing. The angles they hit with the videos they shoot makes 44Teeth impossible to watch sitting normally – you find yourself hanging off the couch clinging to your coffee whilst leaning with your knee out. The Onboard videos are a real highlight, especially if your bike is in the shop, or maybe you want to live that motorcycle life vicariously through them. To be honest though, even if you are in the latter category, you’ll be itching to buy a bike in no time after a few hours on this channel. The roar of the engine and the howling of the wind as it blasts through your speakers is way more addictive than I’d care to admit, but I’m not going to lie, it sounds SO good, whether you’re an avid biker or not.

44Teeth puts out great content whether you’ve got a set of well-worn leathers in the closet or you’ve never even had a ride. Every video’s a rip-roaring blast from start to finish, so put on your helmet, strap on your knee pads, and watch with care.

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You don’t have to ride for long to realize that a solid pair of motorcycle riding boots is one of your most important pieces of equipment. Unlike shoes, riding boots aren’t just a statement about your personal style or tastes. They’re an essential way to protect your feet and legs, provide necessary stability, and allow you to ride for longer without fatigue setting in. In short, riding boots can make a huge difference in how you ride – and how you feel while riding.

Finding a good pair of motorcycle riding boots isn’t easy. There are tons of options to choose from, and many of them are poorly made and wear out too quickly. So, how do you decide on the best pair of riding boots for you?

We’ve put together this list of the top six best motorcycle riding boots to take the guesswork out of your next boot purchase. So, read on to find the best boot choice for you…

#1 – Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots

This pair of riding boots is great for any rider who’s looking for a way to comfortably ride for long periods of time while protecting his feet and ankles from the elements (and other dangers). They’re made with real leather and include an internal membrane that offers waterproof performance without sacrificing breathability. Since they include a side entry VELCRO® system, they’re easy to put on and fit snugly. You can enjoy all of these features at a reasonable price, making them a great pair of riding boots whether these are your first or you’re a thirty-year biking veteran.

#2 – SIDI Canyon Gore-Tex Boots

If you’re looking for a quality pair of all-purpose riding boots, the SIDI Canyon Gore-Tex Boots are a great choice. As their name implies, they take advantage of a Gore-Tex membrane that will keep your feet dry no matter what kind of weather you’re riding in. They’re built to offer plenty of support for your foot and ankle, so riding is always comfortable and secure. This is a great set of riding boots for long hauls or a simple daily commute.

#3 – TCX X-Five Plus Gore-Tex Riding Boots

A quality pair of motorcycle riding boots shouldn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg, and with this pair of boots, they won’t. Just because they are less expensive than other riding boots doesn’t mean that they’re poorly made. These Italian-styled boots offer many of the benefits of more expensive boots – including Gore-Tex waterproof lining and comfort soles – without emptying your wallet. So, if you’re on a budget, you can’t go wrong with these boots.

#4 – Dainese TRQ – Tour Gore-Tex Boots

Whether you’re planning a long ride in the middle of winter or simply need something to commute in over the spring and fall, these motorcycle riding boots are a fantastic option. Their Gore-Tex lining allows them to be breathable while remaining waterproof. They have an axial hinge that provides maximum stability and comfort, whether you’re walking or riding.

#5 – Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots

These Alpinestars Toucan Gore-Tex Boots are designed with the long-haul biker in mind. They include weatherproof liners, an integrated protection system, and comfort soles to ensure you feel great no matter how many miles you drive. These boots go a step farther than many of their peers. They include a medial side structure that protects the interior of your legs from your bike’s heat and impact. If you can afford a pair (because they are a bit pricey), you’ll be hard pressed to find a better riding boot.

#6 – Spidi XP3-S Sport Boots

Unlike some of the other options on this list, the Spidi XP3-S is designed for racing. It includes an interchangeable slider and side protector, ensuring your foot and ankle always have the support and security they need. They don’t skimp on the sole and ankle cushioning, allowing you to ride for long periods of time without pain or fatigue. This is a great option if you’re less concerned with boots that will keep your feet dry and are focused instead on a pair of high-performance riding boots that won’t let you down no matter how fast or far you need to go.

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There’s nothing quite like getting on your bike and riding. Whether it’s the feel of the engine revving beneath you, the wind in your face, or the thrill of going just a little bit (or maybe a lot) too fast. If there’s one thing that can ruin an otherwise enjoyable ride, it’s cold, wet fingers along with toes.

Fortunately, you don’t have to settle for frozen fingers if you have a solid pair of heated motorcycle gloves. They’ll make riding – even in the coldest weather – a much more enjoyable experience. They’ll take your mind off of your frostbitten fingers and let you focus on the thrill of the open road once more.

Not all heated motorcycle gloves are created equal. If you’re going to enjoy their benefits to the fullest, you’ll need to make sure that you invest in a pair that ensures maximum warmth with protection.

So, read on to discover the top five best heated motorcycle gloves available on the market today…

#1 – Tour Master 12V Synergy 2.0 Heated Leather Gloves

These stylish, lightweight leather heated motorcycle gloves have some of the highest ratings of any gloves on the market. They offer a power lead wiring harness that ensures heat comes fast and steady. Since they have a 360º full circumference wrist closure, you never have to worry about water seeping into them and leaving your hands feeling soggy and uncomfortable. Did I mention that they’re made with goatskin leather that keeps moisture out while letting your hands breathe? Yea, these gloves are some of the best you’ll ever find for keeping even the coldest of rides comfortable.

#2 – Firstgear 12V Heated Carbon Gloves

This pair of DC-heated motorcycle gloves is a great option for those long, cold rides. They provide a great deal of warmth all on their own. After all, they’re made with grade-a cowhide. When you connect them to a Firstgear Heat-troller, they’ll let you ride comfortably even in the coldest weather. Keep in mind, however, that the heating element is only located in the top part of the gloves, so if your grips aren’t heated and it gets particularly cold, your palms could get chilly. Under normal circumstances, though, these are a great set of gloves that are definitely worth checking out.

#3 – Fly Racing Street 7V Ignitor Heated Motorcycle Gloves

If you’re looking for a quality pair of heated gloves that will still let you use your touch screen, then these are the gloves for you. Their stainless core heating element runs off of a lithium ion battery and includes three optional heat settings, ensuring you get the heat you need when you need it. Since the battery lasts up to 4 hours, you can be confident that your hands won’t suddenly be vulnerable to the cold after an hour or two of driving. The only drawbacks to these gloves is that they don’t work quite as well in extreme cold as the 12V gloves and they tend to run a little small.

#4 – Gerbing 12V Hero Heated Motorcycle Gloves

Here’s a great pair of cowhide gloves that will keep your hands warm and toasty no matter what temperature you’re riding in. They include a waterproof liner, plenty of insulation, along with a VELCRO® brand closure cuff that won’t let moisture in but will still allow your hands to breathe. They make use of an integrated system that plugs directly into your bike’s electrical system, so you never have to worry about running out of juice. They’re built to provide consistent, quality heat to your hands so you can ride without worrying about what the temperature going to do. To top it all off, the index fingers are made to work with touch screens you don’t have to take them off every time you need to use your phone.

#5 – Gerbing 12V Vanguard Gloves

To put things simply, these are some of the absolute best heated motorcycle gloves you’ll ever find. They’re made with Aniline cowhide leather and include a waterproof insulation that will keep moisture and cold as far away from your fingers as possible. They incorporate knuckle protection and gel pads in the palms to ensure you have maximum comfort along with warmth. As with Gerbing’s other options, you can plug these gloves into your bike’s electrical system, ensuring your hands stay warm no matter how long you drive. These gloves offer everything you could want in a pair of heated motorcycle gloves – and more.

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Whether you’re cruising the interstate or making your way through town, you should feel like you own the road while you’re on your bike. There’s no better way to make that statement than with the right motorcycle helmet.

That’s why you shouldn’t settle for a helmet that only protects your skull. Instead, you should pick up something cool… something that’s intimidating… something that will scream to everyone around you: “Get the hell out of my way!”

What could accomplish all three goals better than a predator helmet?

Fortunately, if you’re looking for a predator motorcycle helmet that turns heads and causes people to change lanes, there are a ton of great options. So, let’s get right to it as we countdown the top 7 predator helmets available to purchase RIGHT NOW.

#1 – LED Predator Helmet with Alien Message

While predator helmets are a dime a dozen, many of them are boring and borderline unrecognizable, but that’s not the case with this helmet. Not only does it include all of the physical hallmarks of the famous movie villain, it dresses them up in a package that will stand out no matter how fast you’re going. The option to add colored LED lights only adds to the look, making this one of the perfect choices for any biker looking to inspire (and intimidate) while on the road.

#2 – Stylized White Predator Helmet

While many of the predator motorcycle helmets on this list are immediately recognizable as inspired by the film, this one features a more subtle design. For example, there are no visible fangs or mandibles. In addition, there are no overt alien-like symbols or writing. Instead, the design is simple, incorporating straight lines and solid shapes. This is a great predator helmet for any biker who wants that intimidating vibe without looking like a movie villain.

#3 – Predator Motorcycle Helmet with Celtic Designs

This predator motorcycle helmet fuses two seemingly different ideas into a single concept that’s far greater than the sum of its parts. While it retains the look and feel of a predator helmet (complete with dreads), its designs are lifted straight out of Celtic culture. There’s even the face of a Celtic figure on the very front. All that to say, this is the perfect helmet for anyone who wants to intimidate drivers with a terrestrial and extraterrestrial culture at the same time.

#4 – Deadpool Predator Helmet

Ever wonder what Deadpool would look like if he was a predator? Me neither. But apparently, someone else did, and the result happens to be pretty cool. This predator motorcycle helmet includes the shape and dreads you would expect from a predator helmet. But the coloring and design will cause you to take a second look. It is immediately recognizable as Marvel’s ‘Merc with a Mouth.’ That makes this a great option for anyone is a fan of both properties.

#5 – Realistic Predator Helmet

This takes the whole idea of a predator helmet to an entirely different level. Unlike the other examples on this list, this one goes for a much more realistic look. From the open jaw to the skull-adorned dreads, the whole thing looks more like a movie prop than a motorcycle helmet – and it’s sure to terrify anyone who sees you riding up from behind them. Just keep in mind that it’s also one of the most expensive options on the list. So, looking like a real predator will cost you.

#6 – Proud-to-be-an-American Predator Helmet

Predators are known for being trophy hunting aliens who take no prisoners, but what if a predator decided to settle down and apply for US citizenship? If that were to happen, you can bet that this would be his helmet of choice. Now, it can be yours. While it makes use of the traditional predator helmet shape and hairstyle, it also features an American flag emblazoning the left side. It declares to everyone who sees you pass by, “I’m proud to be an American predator!”

#7 – Glossy Black Predator Helmet

If you would prefer a predator motorcycle helmet that gives off that terrifying alien vibe without making you look like you just stepped off a movie lot, this is the helmet for you. While it is obviously based off the hit movie, it doesn’t flaunt itself. Instead it’s a simple option that features an all-black, glossy look without any distracting designs. In other words, it’s less predator and more motorcycle helmet.

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We use a lot of metaphors to describe life… It’s like a river or a song or a novel or a box of chocolate. While each of these pictures captures some element of living, none of them truly do the journey justice.

No. I believe the great philosopher-poet Tom Cochrane got it write when he penned those famous words: “Life is a highway, I want to ride it all night long.” Truly, no better metaphor for living has been found or expounded so well (and there’s definitely no metaphor that’s been covered as often).

What does it mean for life to be a highway? Well, that’s where these ten motorcycle memes come in. They reveal the ways that living is like getting on your bike and pulling out of your driveway. Whether you treat life like a relaxing cruise down the interstate or an adrenaline pumping ride that weaves in and out of traffic – I’ve got a meme that will make you stop and say, “That’s me.”

So, let’s get to it…

Motorcycle Meme #10 – All It Takes is a Single Deer to Ruin Your Day

“Keep your eyes on the road,” they tell you, but things can come out of nowhere fast – in life and on the road. When it’s your time to go, it doesn’t matter how careful you’ve been or what preparations you’ve made. In that moment, all you can do is pray, “Deer God…” err… “Dear God.” Though, in that moment, you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.

Motorcycle Meme #9 – The Differences Between Men and Women

The debate over the differences between men and women has been raging for generations. Some argue that they’re basically the same. Others, that they’re drastically different. This meme puts the whole discussion in a slightly different light. Men and women are the same in the way that they underestimate the amount of time things will take… but they’re different in what those things are. So, maybe the next time your lady says she’ll be ready in 15, you can tell her that you’ll pick her up in 5…

Motorcycle Meme #8 – Stopping Doesn’t Mean You’ll Stop

Have you ever been caught up in something that you suddenly realized you needed out of? Maybe a job? Or a relationship? So, you hit the brakes, but when you did, your prior momentum sent your life flying over the handlebars and into the dirt… This meme reminds us that just because you’re able to stop something, it doesn’t mean that you’ll stick the landing. But, that’s life.

Motorcycle Meme #7 – Life is Filled with Different Perspectives

Everyone’s got a different perspective on things. What looks like an average bike to you, looks like $1,000,000 piece of military equipment to your insurance company. It’s all a matter of perspective. That’s not only true of your insurance company’s desire to squeeze as much cash out of you as possible… It’s also true of life in general.

Motorcycle Meme #6 – We’re All Just Big Children

We like to think that we, as adults, are better than children. We’re smarter. We’re wiser. We’re more mature. Then, you see the Green Power Ranger riding next to you down the highway on a crotch rocket and you can’t help but say, “That’s awesome!”. In that moment, you’re reminded that when you get right down to it… We’re all big children deep down inside.

Motorcycle Meme #5 – The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Nobody pulls out of the driveway hoping to get pulled over or killed. We know we should take it easy. We can still hear the voice of our mother (or father or wife) calling to us to “Drive carefully.” However once we’re on the road… and the wind’s in our face… and our adrenaline kicks in… it’s hard to keep those original intentions in mind. That’s just as true in life as it is in riding.

Motorcycle Meme #4 – Sometimes We Just Need to Be Heard

Life is filled with moments of disappointment and frustration. In those moments, we don’t need someone telling us what to think, say, or do. We just need someone who will listen, and nobody listens better than the asphalt beneath your tires.

Motorcycle Meme #3 – Make Your Death Mean Something

If you’ve ever been to a funeral, you’ve probably heard the poem, ‘The Dash.’ It reminds us that the most important thing on our tombstone won’t be our name, or our year of birth or death. Instead, it will be the dash between those two dates. That dash represents everything meaningful we did in life. The relationships. The achievements. The time you killed yourself with your bike. So, make your life (and death) count.

Motorcycle Meme #2 – Life is Filled with Choices – So Choose Well

Life is filled with choices, from what you’ll have for breakfast to what you’ll do for a living. This meme reminds us that we shouldn’t make decisions hastily… and we definitely shouldn’t allow others to dictate what we’re going to do. We’ve got to make the decisions that are best for us – including the choice of what to ride this weekend. So, choose wisely.

Motorcycle Meme #1 – So Much of Life is Relative

What does ‘careful’ mean anyway? Like so many other words, it’s all relative. After all, you should see what I did back in high school. Compared to that, I’m being SUPER careful right now. Look, so much of life’s not black and white. So, stop treating it like it is and enjoy the ride.

Compare more motorcycle memes in Braaap Funnies.

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